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Last Updated: Tuesday January 04 2011 08:43 GMT

Millions watch solar eclipse

Prof. Brian Cox talks stargazing

Millions of people around the world have been watching the first partial solar eclipse of 2011.

This means that for a short while, at different times across the globe, the Moon will look like it has taken a big bite out of the Sun.

But skywatchers are being warned to wear special solar glasses and NOT to look directly at the Sun.

The best experience is expected to be in Sweden where the Moon is expected to cover 90% of the Sun on Tuesday.

Millions watch solar eclipse

For north Africa and a lot of Europe, the eclipse started at sunrise, whereas in central Russia and north-west China, it will happen at sunset.

The first to see the eclipse was Northern Algeria.

If you didn't catch a glimpse of the partial eclipse you'll have to wait until 2015 before the next one is expected!