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Last Updated: Wednesday December 29 2010 12:49 GMT

What's the best thing about Christmas?

Warsaw Christmas tree

The Christmas holidays never come soon enough - you get time off school, lots of delicious food and (if you've been good) lots of presents!

But what's your FAVE thing about Christmas?

Do you like the food best? And do your family stick with turkey and the trimmings or do you eat a less traditional meal?

Perhaps it's the presents under the tree and in your stocking that's the best bit!

Or maybe you like going to Church at Christmas, or watching Christmas telly like the Doctor Who special?

Whatever the BEST bit about your Christmas is, we want to know!

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Your comments

"Everything about Christmas is amazing!!! Presents, seeing all your family, the Christingle service on Christmas eve! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!"

Mayii, 12, Hampshire

"The best thing about Christmas is obviously opening your presents on Christmas day but I also enjoy serving on the altar on Christmas eve, putting up the decorations, having a Christmas meal, spending time with family, the snow falling and going sledging. Having time off school and doing our Christmas play. I also like the religious faith we all have together."

Sophy, 11, Burnley

"I like everything about Christmas where its the festive feeling , or opening the presents. However my fave bit has to be the Christmas tv ! Go Santa 3 ! Doctor who ! "

Kathelene, Ealing, London

"I love the dinners the best! They are so yummy!"

Aryliah, 12, Bradford

"You get your house decorated and I like that."

Kate , 10, Bradford

"The best thing about Christmas is being with your loved ones also waking up to stockings full"

Hazel, 14, London

"Presents and spending time with family." Kya, 12, Irvine, Scotland

"I think the best bits about Christmas is spending time with family and opening the presents. I also love the Christmas tv!" Chloe, 11, Waltham Abbey

"Eating curry and dancing round the fire to Bollywood songs."

Purab, 11, Delhi

"It has to be writing Christmas cards and wrapping Christmas presents!"

Sam , 11 , London

"I love EVERYTHING about Christmas, and just the word 'Christmas' makes me shiver with excitement. I love all the build up to Christmas, going to church and singing carols. Also I love cards, presents, the nativity, the family being together and lots of happy Christmas memories to treasure and keep forever."

Anna, 11, Kettering

"I think that the best thing about Christmas is spending time with your family and friends that way you all get to celebrate the birth of Jesus by all bonding together and having a good that. So for me I think that is the best thing about Christmas." Stephanie, 12, London

"All of the presents are the best."

Katie, 11, Plimlico, London

"I love Christmas because the dinners are yummy." Katie, 11, Newcastle

"My favourite about Christmas is gifts and spending time time with your family!"

Isabel, 10, Barwell, Leicestershire

"Getting loads of presents and spending time with my family!!"

Amy, 10, Sale

"Having an excuse not to do your homework!"

Bev, 12, London

"EVERYTHING! Especially getting lots and lots of Miley Cyrus stuff!!!"

Rebecca, 12, Lancashire

"I enjoy the build-up to Christmas and the advent calendar. But the best bit is opening the presents on Christmas day!!!"

Eve, 11, Barnsley

"The best thing about Christmas for me is spending time with my family. Merry Christmas Everyone!"

Shahbaz, 10, Manchester

"Getting presents, seeing your family and having a Christmas lunch!!"

Priya, 14, London

"Dr Who!"

Fin, 11, Leamington Spa

"It has to be doing a nativity play at school and giving and receiving Christmas cards and presents. It makes you feel good!"

Sophia , 10 , Luton

"I love leaving out a mince pie and wine for Father Christmas." Sam , 9 , London

"I think the best thing about Christmas is sitting down with my family and having a delicious three course meal and opening presents from under the Christmas tree."

Syriah, 8, London

"The best thing about Christmas is Spending time with family. I love Christmas."

Deborah Berrevoets, 40, Carnleigh

"When we are in school and it is near Christmas, probably when school shuts because of the snow! Then it's probably the holidays! Then it is of course, 25th of December, and all the lovely presents we receive."

Lorraine , 9, Hatfield

"Putting the Christmas tree up and making Christmas Decorations."

Ellanor, 9, Dublin

"The snow! I love sledging! It has being snowing all morning!"

Briony, 10, Rossendale, Lancashire

"I love Tracking Santa online. My family have a great time doing that." Abigayle, 9, Vancouver, Canada

"Going to my Nan's and spending time with my family. It is a great time." Bethanie - Mae, 8, Liverpool

"The lovely presents and Christmas dinner. Also all the stuff that's on TV! Like Shrek the Halls. Awesome film!"

Brontë, 13, Hemel Hempstead

"Celebrating when baby Jesus was born."

Lidear , 12, Edingburgh

"I love Christmas because I love waking up to see the gifts what Santa and my family got me"

Maeve, 8, Belfast

"In Germany it is much more of the religious part. As a family we read parts from the bible and go Christmas Carol singing. It is a great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends."

Niklas , 12, Berlin, Germany

"I love spending time with my family. It's the best time of the year and I cherish every single moment of it."

Mary - Marie, 11, Basingstoke

"When family and friends come round and being off school!!! Happy Christmas and a happy new year!!!!"

Lauren , 14, Lincoln

"The best part for me is spending time with my family, eating Christmas lunch and watching everyone open their presents "

Ella, 14, Exeter

"I love putting up the Christmas tree, then when it's done, seeing all the pretty colours and baubles!"

Maddy, 12, Hampshire

"I think the best thing about Christmas is seeing your friends & family. It gives you a chance to relax and be yourself. Lets not forget the presents and the Eastenders Christmas day episode!!"

Ella, 12, London

"Presents, of course!"

John, 9, Weymouth

"Seeing the faces of my friends and family when they open the presents that I have given them."

Amy, 14, Bournemouth

"I like Christmas trees and the presents under it. I like the snow ,because I can make snowballs to hit my friends. "

Dario, 10 , Schwerin, Germany

"Christmas shopping!"

Claire , 14 , Kent

"The food!" Adrian , 11 , London

"Advent calendars, Christmas trees and stockings."

Martina , 14,

"I love the fact that everyone always seems happy on Christmas Day. It makes me feel happy!"

Jordan , 12 , Brighton

"Who can not like the presents?!"

Matt , 12 , Glasgow

"I love opening my advent calendar each day and getting chocolate. Yummy!"

Rebecca , 11 , Surrey

"The anticipation. Knowing that Christmas is coming, and seeing it in the shop windows and the TV choices. Knowing that each time you open your advent calendr you're a day closer, and that when you get your tree that it won't be long. When you hear the first carol on the radio and see the first advert for turkey on TV, and the feeling you get, because you KNOW Christmas is coming. That's the best thing. "

Cate, 13, West Sussex


Lennie , 6 , London

Honestly, It's going to church. I know it sounds boring, but you learn about why we actually have Christmas, and the real reason of it, and that it's not just about the presents underneath the tree!"

Eleanor, 11, Carshalton

"I love watching Christmas films."

Lucy , 11 , Bradford

"Spending time with friends and family and the presents!"

Shona, 11, London

"Meeting my family and eating Christmas foods."

Emma, 15, Basildon

"I love all the tv that's on and also all the chocolates sweets and presents I get. I also love all the Christmas decorations like lights and trees. "

Ayesha, 8, Birmingham

"My fave thing about Christmas is spending time with my family."

Jiorji, 10, Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester

"My friends come round pretty much every year and we always play on the Wii with them! Its so fun!"

Martha, 11, Kingston Upon Thames

"I love the presents best, because I love trying to work out what is in them before I open them!"

Geneva , 12 , London

"I love waking up in the morning and seeing my stocking bulging full of presents. It is the best sight ever!"

Esther, 13, Luton

"I really like the Christmassy feeling you get at Christmas and I like giving my friends and family cards and presents! "

Bryony, 11, Hamilton

"Having all the lovely pressies and eating Christmas food and also spending time with your family!"

Jack, 9, London

"I love waking up in the morning and seeing my stocking bulging full of presents. It is the best sight ever."

Esther , 13 , Luton

"I love watching Christmas telly, especially Doctor Who!"

Zain , 12 , Newcastle

"I love tracking Santa on the Internet!"

Nick , 11 , London

"I think Christmas is about having fun and being with your family and relatives."

Edward Gould, 12, Lutterworth

"The best thing about Christmas for me is spending time with my family, the excitement I have in bed on Christmas Eve and the roast dinner my mum cooks!!!! Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!"

Georgia, 11, Horsham


Shahbaz, 10, Manchester

"I prefer the presents I get, but I also enjoy being with my whole family! And when it's cold and snowy outside it feels really cosy inside!

Catherine, 14, Antwerp, Belgium

"Christmas films, especially A Christmas Carol!"

Liam , 10 , London

"My best thing about Christmas has got to be the wonderful presents we receive!"

Jessie, 11, Bolton

"Mine is pulling Christmas crackers. I love the joke, wearing my hat and the gift that is inside!"

Louis , 11 , Kent

"My favourite bit about Christmas is it snowing, if it snows!"

Harry , 12 , Maidstone

"I love going to Church at Christmas time because we get to sing carols. My fave carol is "All Come All Ye Faithful"."

Lottie , 9 , Herefordshire

"The food is the best bit for me. I love the smell of the turkey and Christmas pudding cooking!"

Oliver , 12 , Hampshire

"The presents without a doubt!"

Grace , 11 , Worcestershire

"Presents!!! And spending time with family!"

Lola, 11, Plymouth

"It's soooo hard to choose!!! I love Christmas! I do love on Christmas eve when you can't get to sleep because you know there are going to be fun things in store the next day!

Ella, 11, Bristol

"I think that the best thing about Christmas is getting together and spending time with your family."

Louise, 10, Essex

"The best thing about Christmas is when you wake up in the morning finding that you have presents at the bottom of your bed. Also the roast turkey."

Laura, 14, Bushey

"I believe the best thing about Christmas is family, and of course the presents due to the fact I am not religious. "

Bethanie, 13, Leeds