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Last Updated: Thursday December 23 2010 10:15 GMT

Schoolboy's game goes on sale

Scott Ballantyne

A schoolboy from Scotland has designed a game which is now being sold at the famous London department store Harrods!

Nine-year-old Scott's board game Advent-ure is based on an advent calendar and is set in a zoo where you collect prizes as you move round.

Scott said: "The main aim is get to the end before closing time."

And there's no stopping the young inventor who's already started working on his next game - chess with a space-age theme!

Lots of toy shops are expected to start selling Advent-ure and the young inventor said he's "very glad and happy."

"I think it's a very nice experience just to have people playing my game and seeing it up on the shelves," Scott said.

Scott's mum Tricia said he spent loads of time making sure the game was perfect before it went on sale for the first time.

"I think this is going to be a lifetime career for Scott," she said.