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Last Updated: Wednesday December 22 2010 11:20 GMT

Earthquake hits Cumbria in north-west England

Earthquake hits Cumbria in north-west England

People living in Cumbria in north-west England have been hit by an earthquake which shook their houses.

It measured a magnitude of 3.6 and was also felt in Lancashire, south-west Scotland, parts of Yorkshire, Northumberland and the Isle of Man.

The quake went on for about a minute at around 11pm on Tuesday night but it doesn't seem to have done any damage.

Karen Dickinson lives in Caton in Lancashire and said: "The whole house shook and it was very frightening."

Emergency services say they didn't get any calls from people who felt the quake but it you're caught up in one it can be quite scary!

John Ronnie was in bed in south-west Scotland.

He said: "The windows started shaking, then the house. My speakers on the wall also started to move.

"It was very scary, I didn't know what was happening."

Smaller earthquakes like this can hit the UK but they only happen every year or so and they don't normally cause much damage.