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Last Updated: Tuesday December 21 2010 15:28 GMT

Amazing pics of hidden underwater animals!

Great White Shark in Guadalupe

Say cheese! Most people would swim a mile if they saw this great white shark coming, but a group of top photographers have got up close to show what life is like under the sea.

A picture of a grey seal taken off the coast of the UK

This snap of a grey seal was taken off the coast of the UK, showing us that there is hidden underwater life right under our noses!

Manta Rays in the Maldives

These manta rays were spotted in the Maldives. They love to eat plankton and when there's loads in the area hundreds of rays go to chow down!

Manatee off the coast of the USA

It's a nice life for a manatee! These creatures, sometimes known as sea cows, usually spend up to half of everyday sleeping.

Marbled Ray in South Africa

Marbled rays like these love to swim in warm oceans. They have massive plate like teeth which they use to squash their favourite snack - worms!

Baby lemon shark in the Bahamas

This bright yellow guy is called a lemon shark. Unlike most other types of shark they live well in captivity which is really useful for experts trying to study them.

Great White Shark in South Africa

Every year 70 million sharks like this great white are killed for their meat and fins. The photographers are hoping that their snaps will help to raise awareness of the problem.

Baskine Shark off the coast of the UK

Scientists worry that if sharks continue to be killed at the current rate then 12 species, including this basking shark, could be extinct by 2017.