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Last Updated: Friday December 24 2010 13:22 GMT

PICTURES: Christmas treats for animals

Tree kanagaroo enjoys a Christmas tree shaped piece of watermelon in Taronga zoo in Australia.

It's not snowing down under - instead in warm Australia this tree kangaroo is getting juicy watermelons as its Christmas treat from the zoo keepers.

Two chimps enjoy a piece of watermelon in Taronga zoo in Australia.

The animals seem to like them so much, these chimps are even squabbling over them!

Meerkat enjoys a Christmas box in Taronga zoo in Australia.

This meerkat seems to like getting INSIDE his Christmas present, preferring the wrapping to the present itself!

Meerkat enjoys a Christmas cracker in Taronga zoo in Australia.

Though this cracker seems to be a bit too big for the little fella!

Bear plays with a snowman decoration at Taronga zoo in Australia.

As there's no snow, this 33-year-old kodiak bear - who is the oldest in Australia - has been given a fake snowman instead. It's filled with honey, peanuts and dried figs.

Bear plays with Christmas decorations at Taronga zoo in Australia.

As well as enjoying the Christmas treats, the zoo hopes the food that's wrapped up or hidden away will make the animals better at hunting and looking for food.

Monkey enjoy Christmas stockings at London Zoo.

Back in the UK, zoo keepers are making sure the animals enjoy the festive season too! This monkey has got his stockings out ready for Santa.

Macaque takes a peak inside his Christmas stocking at Bristol Zoo.

But this macaque doesn't realise it's got to wait until Christmas to find the gifts inside!

Meerkat enjoying a Christmas cracker at  London Zoo

The Christmas crackers were out, but looks like this meerkat can't find the present inside the cracker...

A golden headed tamarin with a Christmas pudding toy.

Though it's not a real Christmas pudding, it's still getting this golden headed tamarin pretty curious...

Reindeer enjoying food in a Christmas box at Bristol Zoo

It's not Rudolph, but this reindeer has got its Christmas present early - a delicious meal wrapped up.

Presley the Newsround dog

And now for a pup called Presley attempting to look a little like Rudolph with these antlers!

Presley the Newsround dog

We reckon Presley prefers his Father Christmas outfit... Happy Christmas everyone!