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Last Updated: Tuesday December 21 2010 16:29 GMT

In pics: Rare total lunar eclipse makes moon look red!

Moon viewed from the Perthshire in Scotland during lunar eclipse

People in parts of the UK and around the world have had a rare chance to see a total lunar eclipse. The moon is normally lit up by the sun's light...

Three images of the moon showing how it looks different during a lunar eclipse

...but during a lunar eclipse, the moon passes through the shadow that's created by Earth blocking out the sun's light.

Moon viewed from Virginia in America during lunar eclipse

Though most of the sun's light is blocked out by Earth, some sunlight can get through indirectly and that makes the moon look red!

Moon viewed from New York during lunar eclipse

This happened on 21 December 2010, which is the Winter Solstice. It's shortest day of the year and officially marks the start of winter.

Moon viewed from the Scottish borders during lunar eclipse

It's been three years since the last total lunar eclipse and nearly 400 years since it happened on the Winter Solstice!