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Last Updated: Monday December 20 2010 18:05 GMT

Snow and ice causing chaos for UK

A plane taking off in the icy conditions at Heathrow

Thousands of people are getting stranded in the snow and icy conditions as the wintry weather continues to grip much of the country.

Most of the UK's main airports have been closed over the weekend, and passengers are being warned more delays are possible until Christmas Day.

The freezing weather is also causing major problems elsewhere with several main roads being closed.

Train services in Scotland and parts of England have also been cancelled.

With weather experts warning there's more snow on the way, lots of people are worried the freezing conditions will stop them getting away for their Christmas holidays.

In parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland the police are warning people not to drive on the roads.

The wintry weather is also causing huge problems for posties trying to deliver Christmas cards and presents.