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Last Updated: Monday December 20 2010 17:46 GMT

Snow causes travel chaos and school closures across the UK

man with his igloo in the snow in London

There was so much snow in south London that one man decided to build himself a shelter - made of snow!

Dog in enjoying the snow in Edinburgh

And these dogs are definitely enjoying the massive snowfall in a park in Edinburgh.

Snow being cleared from the runway at Heathrow airport

It's not such good fun if you're trying to travel though. Heathrow airport has been closed since Saturday and only a few flights left on Monday.

Arrivals boards at Heathrow showing cancellations

This was the arrivals board at Heathrow. There are also problems at loads of other airports including Cardiff, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Birmingham and Bristol.

Sledging in Northern Ireland

These guys in Northern Ireland have found the only way to get around in the snow is on a sledge.

Man sking ina  park in Edinburgh

Or maybe skis, like this man in a park in Edinburgh?

Traffic stuck in the snow on the M5

These cars were stuck on the M5 motorway in Warwickshire, where the traffic stood still for hours.

Day off written in the snow on a car

For many of you the school holidays have already started, but for others their schools are shut anyway because of snow.