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Last Updated: Monday December 20 2010 18:27 GMT

Christmas Hotseat: Newsround Presenters!

Ore tells us what he wants for Christmas

NR Presenters: what we want for Christmas

It's Christmas time and the festive feeling has DEFINITELY hit the Newsround offices.

So our presenters thought they'd like to tell you about some of their favourite Christmassy things - from delicious lunches to the presents on their Christmas list.

All I want for Christmas...

When it comes to Christmas presents the Newsround reporters seem to know exactly what they want.

Ore wants a remote control helicopter and Ricky reckons he needs a new red bicycle since his one broke.

But have a look and see what Hayley's set her heart on?!

Looking forward to lunch

Brussel sprouts... love them or hate them? It's the biggest Christmas debate, and Leah is firmly on the side of the sprout lovers believe it or not.

Hayley tells us about her perfect Christmas lunch

NR Presenters: our fave Christmas lunch

For Ricky the best bit about Christmas food is the Boxing Day leftover sandwich, but make sure you use white bread according to his family rules!

Hayley's gone straight in for the sweet stuff - yes it's all the chocs that make her happy on Christmas day.

Best bits of 2010

Leah tell us about her highlights of 2010

NR Presenters: the best thing about 2010

Hayley has a pretty special favourite bit of 2010, and that's meeting the Chilean miners when they came over to Manchester a few months after spending 33 days trapped underground.

For Leah it's a bit of a recurring theme here... her favourite bit was when Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their engagement! (Let's see if she gets an invite in the post...)

Look-ahead to 2011

It's not all just dwelling on Christmas and 2010, the NR crew have had a look into the future, and some of you might think their ideas are a little far fetched...

Ore tells us what he reckons might happen in 2011

NR Presenters: looking ahead to 2011

Hayley reckons Blackpool will win the Premier League, whilst Ore thinks Man United will have an UNBEATEN run!

For Leah it's all about the Wills'n'Kate Royal Wedding in July.