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Last Updated: Friday December 17 2010 12:43 GMT

The big freeze is back as heavy snow closes schools

Sheep brave the snow in Northern Ireland

More than a thousand schools across the UK were closed on Friday as the big freeze returns.

For lots of kids it's the last day of term but schools haven't been able to open because of the freezing weather and heavy snow.

More than 700 schools are closed in Wales, about 200 are shut in Scotland and 600 in Northern Ireland.

Forecasters say 20cm of snow could fall in some places on Friday with more snow to come on Saturday.

Wherever you live, it's a good idea to wrap up. Right across the UK temperatures probably won't rise above freezing.

Kids sledging in the snow in Wales

There are also big worries that the snow could stop people getting away for their Christmas holidays.

Lots of airports have been closed and some trains have been cancelled. In parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland the police are warning people not to drive on the roads.

The icy weather has also been bad news for posties trying to deliver Christmas cards and presents.

Thousands of them will be working on Sunday to try to make sure everyone gets their post in time for Christmas.