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Last Updated: Thursday December 16 2010 15:15 GMT

McDonald's in court over Happy Meals

Mum tries to ban Happy Meals

A mum in America is taking McDonald's to court to try to stop the fast food chain giving away free toys in its Happy Meals.

She says the giveaways encourage kids to eat junk food.

So now she's joined up with a big healthy eating group to try to get the free toys banned.

She thinks McDonald's is breaking the law. But McDonald's has been selling Happy Meals for 30 years and says it's not doing anything wrong.

The fast food chain said: "We're confident that parents understand Happy Meals are a fun treat, with quality, right-sized food choices for their children that can fit into a balanced diet."

Kids can choose to have carrots, fruit or fruit juice in their Happy Meal but healthy eating campaigners say kids usually choose burgers and fries.

In some parts of California restaurants have already been banned from putting toys in meals that are too fatty.


McDonald's Happy Meal

Do giveaways make you more likely to buy stuff?

"I don't buy happy meals because they give away free toys!"

Alexandra, 11, York, UK