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Last Updated: Wednesday December 15 2010 15:58 GMT

Free diver breaks world record with 100m plunge

Free diving record broken

A diver has broken a world record by plunging 100m underwater - using just one breath.

William Trubridge is a free diver which means he completed the challenge using just his arms and legs. He wasn't allowed to use flippers or weights.

It took him two tries to break the record, the first time he had to resurface early.

The dive took place off the coast of the Bahamas in the Caribbean. It's the 13th record that he's broken.

William Trubridge, free diver who has broken a world record by plunging 100m
William Trubridge diving in the Red Sea

Afterwards he said: "I remember keeping my eyes half-closed and telling myself to 'relax' and 'flow' as I set off on the long swim back towards the light."

Free diving is a very dangerous sport. When swimmers dive deep under water without an oxygen tank, their hearts start to beat more slowly and their lungs shrink in size.