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Last Updated: Wednesday December 15 2010 07:55 GMT

Final flight for Harrier jump jet

Harrier jump jet

One of Britain's most famous fighter planes is making its final official flight on Wednesday.

The Harrier jump jet uses special thrust engines to take off and land vertically without needing a runway.

The government says that the move to scrap the plane will save the country millions of pounds.

In celebration of the jets, Harriers will fly over seven military bases, the towns of Stamford and Oakham, and Lincoln Cathedral.

The F-35 Lightning II, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter
Harriers will be replaced by Joint Strike Fighters like this one

The Harrier jump jet uses special 'nozzles' to change the angle at which air comes out of its engines.

That means that the plane can hover by blasting the air downwards, making it easy to land on aircraft carriers. They can even go backwards!

The planes will by replaced by Joint Strike Fighters in the next 10 years.