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Last Updated: Friday December 10 2010 16:45 GMT

In pics: This week's coolest pictures

Polar bear with ice cake

Here's our round-up of the best images from around the world. The weather's been chilly - but this polar bear at a zoo in France seems to be enjoying his iced birthday cake!

Ginger the cat

This cat might look harmless, but he caused big problems when he dialled 999 without his owner knowing! He fell asleep on the phone and accidentally dialled the emergency services!


This might look like a bit of a miserable Christmas tree - but it's actually a work of art in the Tate gallery in London. Shame there's no tinsel!

Giant poster

This enormous poster of Michael Jackson is officially the BIGGEST poster in the world! It was rolled out just outside London this week. Look how small the people near it look!


This crazy-looking creature is a baby elephant, who was born in Singapore zoo. He's two weeks old and weighed a massive 150kg when he was born! That's the same as two grown-ups!

Hippo in Montenegro

This hippo escaped from a private zoo in Montenegro in Eastern Europe during a flood this week. Apparently he regularly swims out of the zoo whenever the area is flooded!