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Last Updated: Friday December 10 2010 14:26 GMT

Woman mends thousands of pounds of shredded money

Liu Hui-fen with the money she mended

A woman has managed to piece together hundreds of bank notes, which were accidentally shredded in Taiwan.

A factory owner dropped a plastic bag full of bank notes into a massive shredder last month.

Luckily Liu Hui-fen was able to piece together the notes, so they can still be used as legal currency.

She was given 200 notes, each worth £21, and shredded into tiny pieces. It took her a week, working day and night, to put them all back together.

So long as every note is three-quarters complete, it can legally be used as money in Taiwan.

Lui Hui-fen said she started by finding the Chinese character 'guo' on each note and then worked outwards.

"I was so happy whenever I was able to put a piece into its right place," she said.