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Last Updated: Friday December 10 2010 15:16 GMT

X Factor: 2010 finalists interactive quiz

The X Factor Quiz: 2010 Finalists

How much do you know about the 2010 X Factor finalists?

X Factor judge Simon Cowell

1.) Question 1

Which instrument has Matt Cardle been playing in some of his X Factor performances?

X Factor finalist Matt Cardle
  1. Piano
  2. Guitar
  3. Recorder

2.) Question 2

What song did Rebecca Ferguson sing at her X Factor audition?

X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson
  1. A Change Is Gonna Come
  2. Candle in the Wind
  3. Amazing Grace

3.) Question 3

Who said this:"You proved tonight you’re not just another boyband, you’re a brilliant, brilliant vocal group"?

X Factor finalist One Direction
  1. Louis Walsh
  2. Simon Cowell
  3. Dermot O'Leary

4.) Question 4

"From the disaster last week to undoubtedly your best performance by a mile." Who said this about Cher?

X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd
  1. Dermot O'Leary
  2. Simon Cowell
  3. Dannii Minogue

5.) Question 5

Louis Walsh: "You have stolen the * !"

  1. microphone
  2. show
  3. cat

6.) Question 6

During week 3, which judge said: "This is the night you turned into a star" to Rebecca?

Cheryl Cole and Rebecca Ferguson
  1. Cheryl Cole
  2. Dannii Minogue
  3. Simon Cowell

7.) Question 7

What did One Direction sing during American Anthems week?

X Factor band One Direction
  1. Kids in America
  2. Empire State Of Mind
  3. Summer Of '69

8.) Question 8

Cher is mentored by Cheryl Cole. Which other finalist does Cheryl mentor?

X factor finalist Cher Lloyd
  1. Matt Cardle
  2. Rebecca Ferguson
  3. One Direction


  1. Matt's been strumming his guitar strings to impress the judges. It seems to have worked as he's got to the finals!
  2. Liverpool's Rebecca Ferguson sang A Change is Gonna Come at her audition, wowing the judges and securing her a place at bootcamp.
  3. Louis Walsh made this comment - about none other than One Direction!
  4. Simon said this about Cheryl's girl during Rock week.
  5. During American Anthems week Louis gave this cool comment to Matt Cardle - and don't worry no cats were stolen in the process!
  6. He doesn't always have nice things to say to the acts, but this amazing comment about Rebecca's performance came from Simon Cowell.
  7. Kids in America was the band's song that week and won them praises from Simon. He said: "That was without question, your best performance by a mile."
  8. Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd are both Cheryl's girls, but poor Louis has none of his acts in the 2010 X Factor final!

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