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Last Updated: Friday December 10 2010 15:42 GMT

In Pics: Winning animal snaps by young photographers!

Dancing hoverfly by 10-year-old Alicia Hayden

Check out these winning snaps from the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2010. Ten-year-old Alicia Hayden won the under 12s category with this photo of a hoverfly.

Mother blackfly aphid and babies by 10-year-old Alicia Hayden

Another photo by Alicia, of a blackfly aphid and her children, was the runner-up. Among the judges for the competition was Strictly Come Dancing contestant Matt Baker!

Photograph of three geese by 10-year-old Myles Worthington.

Lots of other photos got commended by the judges, including this close-up snap of three geese by 10-year-old Myles Worthington...

Photograph of a cow by seven-year-old Scarlett Martin

And seven-year-old Scarlett Martin's pic of a hairy cow. Scarlett named it Gimme a Kiss - we think that's a good name!

Pic of a bird by 10-year-old Annalise Tanaka

Also commended was this feathery snap by Annalise Tanaka, age 10.

Seagull photo by Will Jenkins, aged nine.

Swooping through the air, these seagulls were photographed by seven-year-old Will Jenkins. He was among thousands of people who entered this year's competition.

Wasp hovering by a flower, captured by nine-year-old Shannon Kavanagh

Hope nobody got stung! This pic was taken by Shannon Kavanagh, aged nine.

The tourist - by nine-year-old Harry Jenkins

Check out the doggy tourist in this snap by nine-year-old Harry Jenkins - looks like the pooch is on a peaceful holiday!

A photograph of rabbit by 15-year-old Lydia Bradford

Lydia Bradford's photo of her pet rabbit Toffee won her top prize in the People's Choice category.

Photo by Laura Guariglia of a cat hiding in some plant leaves.

The runner up was Laura Guariglia with this cute pic of a cat hiding in some plant leaves - she called it Hide and Seek!

Comfy cat by 14-year-old Sophie Wallace

Winner of the Pet Personalities category was Sophie Wallace, age 14, with Comfy cat. Looks like the little animal is getting ready for a nice snooze!

Dog pic by 11-year-old Georgia Ellis

Commended in the Pet Personalities category was 11-year-old Georgia Ellis with this awesome canine pic. Think the dog needs a wash!