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Last Updated: Thursday December 09 2010 13:55 GMT

Hotseat: X Factor - Cher Lloyd

X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd

Loads of you got in touch with questions for X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd.

The 17-year-old from Great Malvern has made it all the way to the show's final.

She's got Cheryl Cole on her side, but will Cher be able to claim The X Factor crown?

While we wait for the final, check out her answers to YOUR questions...

Have you considered any other career paths in the past apart from singing? If so, what have they been? Alice, 13, Essex

I've wanted to sing for as long as I can remember. Even when I'm not rehearsing I'm always writing down lyrics and coming up with songs.

Maybe if I couldn't be a singer I'd try and be a songwriter.

What was your favourite subject at school?Emily, 10, Leeds

I think my best subject at school was music, so no surprises there!

I always tried my hardest at things like maths and history too, because I know that I will need to know them in the future.

If you won the X Factor what is the first thing you'd do?Milly, 10, Brighton

I would probably scream the place down!

Then I'd run and hug my family and friends and of course thank Cheryl for all her support and guidance.

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