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Last Updated: Thursday December 09 2010 11:38 GMT

Meteor fireball lights up the sky over the UK!


Meteors sighted over the UK!

Lots of people have reported seeing a bright streak of light across the sky on Wednesday night - which looked like a meteor.

People from England, Scotland and Wales have all said they spotted the light at about 5.30pm.

Some said it was a little bit scary because it was so bright.

If it was a meteor, it's really unusual because they don't happen very often and only appear in the sky for a very short time.

Those who did see it said it was in the sky for about three seconds before it disappeared.

Tina Baxter says she saw a bright light when she was driving home.

Tim O'Brien

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"It was heading north and it appeared directly in front of me," she said. "It was travelling east to west.

"At first I thought it was a firework, but it was travelling at a funny angle - across then down.

"It was a bit scary because it was so massive and incredibly bright. When I got home, my brother was there, and he said he saw it as well"

Experts say it was likely to be a type of meteor called a fireball - which is a lump of space rock about the size of your fist, burning up as it enters the Earth's atmosphere.

Did you see last night's meteor? Head over to the comments form up on the right and let us know what it looked like!

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