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Last Updated: Wednesday December 08 2010 15:49 GMT

Blind baby guinea pig found abandoned on bin

Lucky guinea pig with the note it was left with.

A blind baby guinea pig has been rescued after being found dumped in a cardboard box on top of a bin.

The four-month-old pig was discovered outside a house in Southampton on Sunday, shortly before the rubbish was due to be collected.

The animal was left with a note saying: "His name is Fred. Please take care of it. Thank you :)."

Sue Brooks from the RSPCA said: "There is never an excuse for abandoning an animal in this way."

She added: "Had someone not thought to look in the box before putting it inside a bin she could easily have been thrown in the back of a rubbish lorry and been crushed in its metal jaws."

It's against the law to be cruel towards or mistreat an animal and the RSPCA are now trying to find out who dumped the pet.

The RSPCA are caring for the guinea pig who, despite her ordeal, seems to like being handled and is eating well.

Carers also discovered it's a female and have renamed her Beattie.