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Last Updated: Wednesday December 08 2010 07:12 GMT

X Factor 2010: Fans hurt at One Direction concert

One Direction and Simon Cowell

Thirty five people were hurt when X factor stars One Direction performed a special concert for fans.

The boys went on a mini tour of all their hometowns before the final this weekend.

Liam comes from Wolverhampton, and when they got there they performed an open air performance in the town square.

About 4,000 people went to watch - but the ambulance service treated 35 people who were hurt in the freezing cold weather. No one was seriously hurt.

The guys who treated the injured fans said lots of the crowd were really excited and didn't have enough warm clothes on.

One Direction and Simon Cowell
Zayn and the boys were met by thousands of fans

Although Liam, Harry and the rest of the boys didn't perform until 8pm - people started arriving three hours before.

But this meant they were stood outside in freezing temperatures of -7C for a long time.

The ambulance service said that some hadn't eaten enough food and weren't wrapped up warm - which made them feel unwell.

Before the boys performed they stopped by in Bradford, where Zayn grew up, and Louis' school in Doncaster.