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Last Updated: Tuesday December 07 2010 19:16 GMT

Newsround viewer Euan shows us his fantastic igloo!

Aaron and Euan with their igloo!

When 11-year-old Euan sent us this picture of his fantastic igloo, we knew we just had to show it to you!

Euan, from near Edinburgh in Scotland, built the igloo with his friend Aaron, 7, when they were off school last week.

He explained to Newsround: "We got plastic boxes and filled them up with snow. Then we tipped the snow out of the boxes to make snow bricks.

"We put the bricks on top of each other and we angled them inwards to make our round top."

Euan said: "It's quite big but it's not that tall. When you're sitting down you can fit eight people inside."

Aaron and Euan's igloo in the making!
Euan and Aaron built the igloo over three days

It's his first igloo, but Euan's been putting it to good use: "Last week we had a hot chocolate in it - with my mum, my sister and a friend.

"I've had three or four friends over and they all think it's quite good!"


The igloo even has a small hole in the top to let in air, and a little mat at the entrance with Welcome on it!

Euan and Aaron built the igloo over three days. Euan said: "When I finished it, I felt quite good because it's quite cosy inside and it protects you from the wind and stuff."

Euan's mum Irene helped out a bit too. She told us that it's been snowing where they live every day for the past 11 days!