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Last Updated: Friday December 03 2010 15:30 GMT

Justin Bieber: I couldn't live in England

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has said he couldn't live in England because of the bad weather!

On Thursday he said to Fearne Cotton on BBC Radio 1: "I couldn't live here 'cause the weather's depressing... But I like the girls."

The singer made fun of how the country was struggling with the freezing weather: "Everything's going crazy just for a little bit of snow!"

In the interview Justin also recalled one of his most embarrassing moments, which happened in the UK last year.

Embarrassing moment

He said: "I was performing with Taylor Swift at Wembley and I broke my foot on stage. I was just running and rolled my ankle and broke my foot."

Ouch! Let's hope it doesn't happen again when he comes to the UK on tour in 2011...