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Last Updated: Thursday December 02 2010 07:56 GMT

Still no school for lots of you as MORE snow arrives!

We SNOW it's funny!

Lots more schools will be closed today as snow spread across more of the UK overnight.

Scotland and the north east of England have been covered all week - but now parts of south east England are 25cm deep in snow.

It means lots of airports, roads, trains and even bridges are closed because of the winter weather!

At the top of Scotland the temperature reached -14, but could get as cold as a freezing -30 later in the week.

Snow keeps planes on the ground!

The snow has closed almost a quarter of schools across the UK.

There are even warnings that an avalanche could hit the mountains near the top of the country.

Smudge the snow rabbit

In England, the worst affected area is the north east where a metre of snow has fallen.

In a village near Sheffield in Yorkshire, 100 people had to sleep in a church because their cars got stuck in the snow.

Airports like Gatwick near London and Edinburgh are closed - and won't be opening until at least Friday morning.

The big freeze is affecting sports fixtures too. In rugby Bath's trip to Newcastle couldn't happen yesterday because of a frozen pitch, and in football all six SPL matches aren't looking likely to go ahead.