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Last Updated: Thursday December 02 2010 11:36 GMT

Big freeze: Day three of YOUR snow snaps!

Catherine from Kent

Look out! Nine-year-old Catherine from Kent had a fab day throwing snowballs!

Snow bear

Check out this amazing snow bear that eight-year-old Ellie built in Aberdeenshire!

snow castle

And she didn't stop there! She also built this snow castle - with a little bit of help from her mum!

Child in an igloo

Who's that hiding in the igloo? It's 12-year-old Bille Jade from Newcastle!

Polar bear in Clackmannanshire

We reckon Emily's polar bear is the best snow animal we've seen so far. Congrats to Emily and her uncle Sam for fab job!

Hattie's snowman

Meet the jolliest snowman in the country... We love his eyebrows - well done Hattie!

Jack Dublin

Jack send us a pic of his garden to remind us it isn't just the UK which has been covered by the white stuff. Jack told us that Dublin in Ireland has had oodles of snow too!

Kirsten in fife

With a mouth that big we reckon this snow guy would need a lot of hot chocolate to warm up. Kirsten in Fife made this mega mouthed monster...

Tyler from Derbyshire

Tyler from Derbyshire sent us this snap to show just how deep the snow is at his house, almost up to his knees - we hope he had some big wellies on!

Anika and Maya in Croydon made snow bears.

There's been even more snow in the south of England. Anika and Maya made this super cute family of snow bears in Croydon.

Charlotte from Leicestershire  with a ride from Zeus

Charlotte from Leicestershire has an amazing ride home from school - a special sleigh pulled by her dog Zeus!

Jodie from south London

Jodie from south London sent us this snowy shadow snapshot from her driveway - very arty, we love it!

Jonty snow angel west sussex

It's a snow-Jonty! Jonty from West Sussex made a snow angel in his garden. We hope he had a big hot chocolate to get warm afterwards!

Snow penguin for TJ and CJ

Lucky CJ and TJ got a beaky surprise! Their dad built these brrr-illiant penguins in their garden because the snow was too deep for them to go out and play in.

Keira built Ziggy in Hereford

What a whopper! Keira's mega snowman Ziggy is one of the biggest we've seen. He was big enough for her to turn him into an igloo - cool stuff!

Robyn's puppy lacey out in the snow

Little Lacey has never seen snow before - but her owner Robyn told us she's really loving playing out in the white stuff!


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