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Last Updated: Thursday December 02 2010 06:33 GMT

Are big cats on prowl in Wales?

Big cat on the prowl in Wales

Farmers in Wales are worried a big cat might be attacking their sheep.

Police are investigating the death of a lamb, which they think was attacked by an animal bigger than a dog or fox.

A paw print found near the body of the lamb is being analysed, and farmer Malcolm MacPhee said there were "huge claw marks" all over the lamb's body.

Other farmers have described seeing a large brown cat in the area. They say it is over a metre-long with a curved thick tail.

Several sheep and calves have been found dead in Pembrokeshire in the past few weeks.

Paw print
One farmer has taken a cast of what he claims is the big cat's paw print!

Over the years there have been hundreds of reported sightings of big cats in the area - but no-one has ever proved that they exist in Wales.