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Last Updated: Tuesday November 30 2010 15:40 GMT

People go crazy for penguin cam!

Penguins at Endinburgh Zoo

We all know that penguins love snow - and at Edinburgh Zoo it's made them famous!

When their home in Scotland was closed to the public because of the winter weather, no-one could see all the fun they were having.

But a clever keeper put the zoo's penguin camera online - and it was an internet smash!

So many people watched the penguins in action, it was one of the most talked about things on the website Twitter.

Penguins at Endinburgh Zoo
Penguins love the snow in Edinburgh!!

You can watch the zoo's 'penguin-cam' at anytime of year - but in the snow the penguins became more entertaining then ever.

The Gengtoo penguins loved sliding around in their natural snowy habitat, and people loved watching them.

One online fan said it was "the best thing on the internet".

And the penguins could be stars for a while. With more snow on the way, the zoo could close again and the only way to see them will be on the penguin cam!