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Last Updated: Tuesday November 30 2010 14:53 GMT

In Pics: Big cat in the big freeze!

Lioness looking at a robin in the snow

Brrr-roar! Check out these cool snaps of lions playing in the snow at a zoo in Scotland!

Lionesses walking in the snow

These guys are normally found in Sub-Saharan Africa so are used to much sunnier weather! Though they don't seem to mind the cold!

Lioness in the snow

A lion's roar can be heard up to five miles away, but this robin doesn't look as if he's seen the lioness yet...

Lioness looking at a robin in the snow

Phew! The robin avoided becoming a tasty treat! Lions can't chew food but use their teeth to cut food into cuts then swallow it whole.

Lion in the snow in Scotland zoo

Lions are listed as a vulnerable species, there are lots of conservation projects in place to try at stop too many of them being killed in the wild.