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Last Updated: Tuesday November 30 2010 18:25 GMT

In pics: MORE of your snow snaps!

David and Jame in Midlothian enjoying the snow!

You've sent us LOADS of your snowy snaps. David and James have been having a (snow!) ball of a time playing in the snow in Midlothian!

Smudge the snow rabbit

Say hello to Smudge the snow rabbit. Good job that her owner Rosie has put her on a lead so she doesn't get lost in the snow!

Snow spongebob

Aimee from Essex made this amazing Snow-Bob Squarepants! We think he looks fantastic!

Morven 12 Edinburgh

Scotland has had the most snow so far - Morven from Edinburgh has a winter wonderland in her back garden!

Shane the dog by Flora 12

Flora's pooch Shane loved running around in their snowy garden! We hope his paws didn't get too cold!

Lottie from Belper

Lucky Lottie from Derbyshire woke up to loads of snow - so much that she couldn't make it into school!

Beth and John's snowman

Twins Beth and John built this whopping snowman - we hope their dog doesn't get too close!

Melissa 9 Kent

The big freeze had finally hit the south of England! Melissa from Kent is really excited to have snow at her house!

Bob the snowman

Meet Bob the snowman! Annie, Sarah and Rachel had a fab time making him!

William 12 perthshire

Twelve-year-old William snapped this lovely snowy scene from his house in Perthshire.

Snow chipmunk

Check out this amazing snow chipmunk. It was built by five-year-old Steve and Riley from Hull.

Dog in the snow

This rare beast is a snow dog called Merlin. His owners Erin, Willow and Fynn from Croydon sent us this snap of him enjoying the snow.

Jacob's photo of the snow from his bedroom window in Leicestershire

This snowy scene was caught on camera by 10-year-old Jacob in Leicestershire.


Twelve-year-old Samantha from Sunderland built this impressive igloo. It looks like it must have taken ages!

Snow penguin

Emily from Scotland built this majestic snow penguin. Check out the egg he's looking after - she dyed it purple using blackcurrants!


Just one thing to remember... if you or your mates are in the picture we need to check it's OK with your mum and dad so please include a contact telephone number for them.