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Last Updated: Friday November 26 2010 15:00 GMT

X Factor: Louis Walsh quiz

X Factor: Louis Walsh quiz!

How much do you know about X Factor judge Louis? Take our quiz to find out!

Louis Walsh

1.) Question 1

What is Louis' full name?

Louis Walsh
  1. Michael Louis Vincent Walsh
  2. Louis Walsh Michael Vincent
  3. Vincent Walsh Louis Micheal

2.) Question 2

Which famous boyband did Louis manage?

  1. Take That
  2. Boyzone
  3. McFly

3.) Question 3

Louis to * X Factor

  1. quit
  2. win
  3. sing on

4.) Question 4

Which crazy act did Louis mentor?

  1. Jedward
  2. Girls Aloud
  3. The Cheeky Girls

5.) Question 5

Which country is Louis from?

Louis Walsh
  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. Ireland


  1. Louis' full name is Michael Louis Vincent Walsh! His mum came on the X Factor in 2007 to tell everyone the truth!
  2. Louis is the manager of world famous Irish boyband Boyzone.
  3. Louis was rumoured to be quitting the show in 2005 after his fellow judges were being mean to him. Luckily TV bosses got him to stay!
  4. Jedward! Though Louis seems to like the weird ones as he is mentoring Wagner this year!
  5. Louis was born in Ireland!

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