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Last Updated: Friday November 26 2010 15:10 GMT

Sports doctors say PE lessons don't give proper workout

Children in a gym lesson

Most of you love having PE lessons for a chance to run around and let off some steam, but some sports doctors reckon they don't give you a proper workout.

The British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine want to introduce a special workout to help develop your agility, strength and co-ordination.

It's called five-in-five, and includes five moves in five minutes.

But the government says it's up to individual schools whether they decide to introduce it.

Some sport experts think PE lessons often spend too much time developing sports skills instead of encouraging flexibility and movement.

Sports coach Keith Giles has come up with more than 20 different five-in-five routines for schools to use.

They all involve squatting, lunging, pushing bracing and rotating.