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Last Updated: Friday November 26 2010 16:53 GMT

More snow swamps parts of the UK as big chill continues

People cycling and driving through the snow in York

More snow has fallen across the UK, causing 160 schools in Scotland, and several schools in northern England to close for the day.

The winter weather is part of the heaviest November snowfall since 1993 - and there's more on the way!

There are severe weather warnings in place for northern Scotland, the eastern Borders and eastern England.

Northern Ireland, West Wales and south-west England are also expected to see record snowfalls.

Machines have been gritting the roads, but weather experts say there'll still be loads of ice about, so be careful.

Elizabeth sent us this photo of her puppy in the snow

They also reckon the latest big chill could last for up to two weeks.

A massive 15cm of snow covered northern Scotland and north-east England on Wednesday night.

Temperatures dropped to -5C and several roads have had to close in Scotland because of the winter weather.

An aeroplane at Newcastle Airport overshot the runway as it landed in the bad weather, but no-one was hurt.