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Last Updated: Monday November 29 2010 14:36 GMT

Snow pictures: YOUR snaps of the snowy weather!

Christina and Daniel's igloo

Christina and Daniel aged 12 and 10 made this amazing igloo in their garden in Hertfordshire... Talk about a good way to fight the freezing weather!

Andrew, Seamus and Katie's igloo

And we have ANOTHER igloo entry from Andrew, Seamus and Katie in Orkney - it took them four hours to make and looks very cosy!

Emma from Peterhead

Emma from the north of Scotland took this amazing pic!!

Robbie and Paige

Robbie and Paige from Norwich made this enormous snowman. Looks like he's got some pretty good football skills too!


Snow has been falling across the UK with forecasters saying there's going to be even more! Robyn sent us in this pic of two very jolly-looking snowguys!


What a winter wonderland! James from Scotland is really enjoying his time off school and snapped this view of his road.

Joshua and Ella in Stirling

Joshua and Ella built an out-of-this-world snow alien at their house in Stirling!

Molly the dog

Nine-year-old Paigen sent us a picture of her dog Molly, who looks like she's enjoying posing in the show!

Lachlan and Jacob from Dundee

Lachlan and Jacob from Dundee had a great time building this snowman after the football match they were meant to go to was cancelled because of the snow!

Sydney and his snow dalek

Sydney from Northern Ireland made this fab snow Dalek in his garden! We wonder if The Doctor knows about this one?

Dog in the snow

Sarah from Aberdeenshire took this great picture of her dog enjoying the snow. Hope he's not too cold!

Elizabeth's puppy in the snow

In some areas, the snow's been falling for days now. This shot of 11-year-old Elizabeth's puppy is one of the first we received last week.

Emily's photo of frost on home to school in Scotland

Emily took this on her way to school in Scotland - just before her friend threw a snowball at her! "I had cold feet the rest of the day, because the snow ran into my wellie!" she said.

Snow scene in Norfolk

Look at all the snow outside 13-year-old Luke's house in Norfolk.

Snow scene in Wales

This was the view that nine-year-old Kyle from North East Wales woke up to this morning. Looks chilly!

Dog in the snow

Sarah from Aberdeenshire took this great picture of her dog enjoying the snow. Hope he's not too cold!


Just one thing to remember... if you or your mates are in the picture we need to check it's OK with your mum and dad so please include a contact telephone number for them.