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Last Updated: Wednesday November 24 2010 15:23 GMT

In pics: Snow hits the UK!

Schoolchildren in the snow in north yorkshire

Blizzards and snow storms have hit the north of England. Experts reckon that loads more snow is going to fall across the UK over the next few days.

Police slowing down traffic after blizzards in north yorkshire

Police have had to close roads around the Yorkshire Moors after heavy snowfall made it too dangerous to drive in.

Traffic stopped after blizzards in north yorkshire

Things are set to get a lot colder too! Experts say that the temperature could go as low as -10c at the weekend.

Stranded tourists in a blizzard in north yorkshire

This group of tourists had to leave their bus after snowfall blocked a road! They don't seem to mind the snow though!

Traffic stopped after blizzards in north yorkshire

Experts say it's the most snow seen this early in the year for ages - though nobody knows if it will be a white Christmas in the UK!