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Last Updated: Wednesday November 24 2010 07:58 GMT

Ancient Apple computer sells at auction

Auction house Christie's sold the first Apple computer

One of the first ever batch of Apple computers has sold at auction in London for £133,250.

It's called the Apple I and the buyer got a signed letter from Apple founder Steve Jobs as an added extra.

The computer is one of only 200 of the model ever made and it was originally sold for $666.66 when it came out back in 1976.

And as you can see from the pic it's a far cry from the iPads and Macbooks we're used to now.

Apple logo
The much more modern Apple logo

The buyer is an Italian businessman called Marco Boglione and he bid for the vintage machine over the phone.

His brother went along to the auction in person and said Mr Boglione, "loves computers"... You'd hope so given the amount of cash he's spent on one!