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Last Updated: Tuesday November 23 2010 19:14 GMT

Kids call for drivers to slow down on the roads

Leah on the pavement

How good is Leah at spotting a speeding car?

Thousands of kids are calling for drivers to slow down on the roads.

A survey by the charity BRAKE found that around half of nine to 13-year-olds have had a near-miss while walking or cycling on roads.

Most children said that cars go 'too fast'. Brake wants a 20mph speed limit introduced in all areas close to houses and schools.

The survey also found one in 10 children in Scotland has been hit on the road by a car or a bike.

Child crossing road

A spokesperson for Brake said: "One of the best ways we can do this is to slow down to 20 miles per hour or below around schools and homes."

Last year the government said there had been a 57% drop in the number of children being killed on Britain's roads since the 1990s, and it's aiming to halve that number again by 2020.