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Last Updated: Monday November 22 2010 11:33 GMT

Photos: Growing up in a war zone

Sonali in Afghanistan

I wanted to speak to kids in Afghanistan to find out what it is like growing up in a war zone.

Sonali with schoolchildren

One of the biggest things that's changing in Afghanistan is that more kids are going to school than ever before in the country's history.

Sonali with pupils at the girls school

This is one of the best girls schools in Kabul. And its students were keen to tell me they had big plans for their lives.

Sonali with pupils at the girls school

But all the girls I spoke to had grown up as refugees in neighbouring countries Pakistan and Iran. Their families fled Afghanistan because it was a difficult place to live.

Boys at red cross clinic

There are still loads of mines left around the country. The Red Cross has set up clinics across the country to treat people who have been victims of explosives.

The makers of the puppets make shows to educate children.

The people who made the Muppets have made special films which they take around schools to show kids how to look out for mines and unexploded rockets.

Skaterstan skate boarding school in Kabul

This is the first skateboarding school in Afghanistan, it was set up a year ago by boarders from around the world. Skateboarding is a new sport in Afghanistan, it's going well!

Sonali with Manija at Skaterstan school.

I met Manija, who skates at the park.

Afghan children flying kites.

The work of foreign troops has given them more freedom. Under the Taliban flying this kite would have been against the law.

Afghan children flying kites.

Afghanistan is a very poor country. The string for this kite is made of bits of old military trip wire.