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Last Updated: Wednesday November 24 2010 10:49 GMT

Did you do any fundraising to help Children in Need?

Children raising money for Children in Need

You tell us what you're doing for Children in Need

Pudsey and his celeb mates took over your TV on Friday for Children in Need time again!

Cheryl Cole, JLS and loads more famous faces are got involved to raise money for kids in need around the UK.

On Friday night £18 million was raised and organisers still hope to smash last year's record final total of £39 million.

Did you do anything to raise cash for Pudsey and the gang?

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Your comments

"Our school raised over £80 with a cake sale, and loads more with the dressing up. I spoke on BBC Leicester and Pudsey Bear came in!"

Chloe, 9, Leicestershire, England

"We sold cookies and cupcakes and raised £280.79!"

Jodie, 10, Shropshire, England

"We sold cakes and raffle tickets and raised lots of money!"

Samantha and Lauren, 13 and 14, County Durham, England

"We did a catwalk and had a party. I raised £6."

Humaira, 12, Lancashire, England

"We had lots of stalls and raised more than £340!"

Maddy and Jasmine, 10, Norwich, England

"At school we had spotty day. We had to donate £1 and it was really fun. I love Pudsey!"

Melisa, 10, London, England

"We raised over £100 sponsoring our head of year to come in to school in fancy dress. We also had a Pudsey party with all sorts of stalls which raised loads and loads for Children in Need!"

Rebecca, 12, Lancashire, England

"Our school had a non-uniform day. We raised just over £469 pounds and we have 500 pupils."

Mohamed, 12, Manchester, England

"My high school had a cake sale during morning break, and we raised a school record breaking £39.42! That should help a few people!"

John, 12, Berkshire, England

"I held a table top sale with my auntie Jayne at the village hall. We raised £63.00 altogether!"

Tegan, 11, Norfolk, England

"I wore spotty clothes and made some cake - it took me ages! I took it to school and they enjoyed it. I love Children in Need, it's so fun."

Abigail, 8, Caerphilly, Wales

"I raised £8.50 at my school by getting people to guess how many sweets were in a jar. Last year I raised £21.50 by holding a sponsored silence for a whole day!"

Laura, 13, Northamptonshire, England

"It was non-uniform day at school and some people did sponsored things, it was AMAZING!!"

Sonia, 12, Norfolk, England

"At school we had a PJ and spots day, we raised £400!"

Laura, 10, Nottingham, England

"My school raised over £500 by wearing spots to school and having competitions."

Cameron, 7, UK

"Our class made spots and put them on. COME ON PUDSEY!!!"

Mercy, 8, London, England

"We worked on Children in Need in class and we did a car wash and baked cakes to raise money."

Charlie, 11, Somerset, England

"Our school had a cookie sale and raised £95!"

Rebecca, 10, Derby, England

"We sold cookies for 10p and 20p and did a colouring competition - colouring sheets were 10p! And we gave 50p for coming in to school in non-uniform! It was great!!!"

Izzy, 10, Yorkshire, England

"Our school had a non-uniform day where we had to pay £1, We also had a cake sale and some people did sponsored dress-ups!!"

Anna, 11, England

"Our school had a spotty day and we all dressed in spotty stuff or we could dress as Pudsy or Blush. We all donated £1 and the school raised £130, which was really good!"

Cheveay, 10, Cornwall, England

"I wore PJs at school. We had to pay 50p and that made £75! We also did a penny trail but we have not counted the money yet."

Ellie, 9, Herefordshire, England

"Me and my mum have donated £20 to Children in Need. I love the show and I always watch it!"

Katie, 11, London, England

"I am helping Children in Need because I am lucky, I get everything I want, so I am giving some of my money."

Amy, 8, UK

"We had a non-uniform day and a cake sale. We raised over £500!"

Hamdi, 10, Luton, England

"Our school had lots of stalls and we raised £760!"

Jess, 10, England

"I bought a Pudsey bear cupcake."

Lydia, 14, Essex, England

"We gave money to a Pudsey bear at the supermarket and got a Pudsey badge."

Jayne, Tom, and Kayleigh, 9,6 and 7, Moray, Scotland

"I bought a Pudsey cake and my brother and I are picking two of our habits (mine is biting my nails), and every time we do this we give 10p to Children in Need."

Emily, 10, Merseyside, England

"We dressed up as aliens and each brought in 50p. Some people brought cakes to sell and children bought them. We don't know how much we raised yet."

Rhiannon, 10, England

"I buy those little badges at the tills at shops, my aunt collects them! Even though they only cost about £2 it's still something."

Tatiana, 10, London, England

"I went to my youth club to raise money for Children in Need."

Tom, 9, Hampshire, England

"Our school did a cake sale."

Olivia, 12, Yorkshire, England

"We made cakes and badges and dressed up in spots. Now we are making a Pudsey magazine to sell. We made £170.20 in school so far and are hoping to make more."

Beca, 10, Carmarthenshire, Wales

"My school raised £359 by coming in in our PJs and we had a contest to guess the bear's name. It was really fun, thanks to everybody who took part!"

Keri, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"My family dressed up in spots and we also did spot the difference - I had one part of my hair down and the rest up, wore odd socks and odd earrings!"

Emily, 10, Sussex, England

"At school we have had a Roman day were we dressed up as Romans and had a feast and a battle. Our head teacher even dressed up!"

Erin, 10, Cumbria, England

"Our school raised £84 by sponsoring people. I had to wear my PJ's and my friend had to stay silent!"

Jubran, 10, London, England

"My school raised £490 from a cake sale!"

Brandan, 10, Lincolnshire, England

"My neighbour did a 'playathon' on his many keyboards!"

Bekah, 11, London, England

"To raise money I gave in £5 at my school."

Alex, 6, London, England

"On Thursday we had a mufti day in my school. We had to wear something spotty or something yellow and bring in a minimum of £1."

Sarah, 12, London, England

"Nearly everyone in my school wore something spotty. I wore spotty tights."

Gabriella, 10, Sussex, England

"We had a Children in Need stall on Friday to raise money, selling buns, and we raised £502.52!"

Paige, 10, Yorkshire, England

"Me and my friends raised £33.50 painting people's nails in school. We love Pudsey and Blush!"

Sophie, 13, Belfast, N. Ireland

"Langham Primary did a penny trail from class to class. I don't know how much we raised yet but I donated £1.70."

Thomas, 11, Colchester, England

"We brought in bears wearing spotty clothes for Children in Need."

Holly, 9, Kent, England

"As a school we raised money for Children in Need by selling cookies and cakes, and we did a raffle. We also made shoe boxes for children in other countries, packed with a toothbrush, books and colouring pencils, pens and sweets. We did this to show our support for children in need all over the world."

Kylah, 6, Lincolnshire, England

"In my school we all wore our own clothes and some sixth formers dressed up as characters like Tarzan, asking for money for Children in Need. The whole school had a brilliant time!"

Rhiannon, 12, Herefordshire, England

"We raised money at school and watched Pudsey on Children in Need. We love Pudsey!"

Lewis and Hollie, 6 and 11, UK

"I love Children in Need! I always dress up and watch the show."

Saskia, 11, Bath, England

"We wore our own clothes to school and took in £1."

Luke, 5, Stockton on Tees, England

"At my school we wore lots of spots, took in our teddies and wore our slippers!"

Jade, 10, West Lothian, Scotland

"I made dinner for mummy, daddy and my big brother, and charged them £5 each and gave it to Children in Need!"

Kira, 8, Surrey, England

"In my school we had a non-uniform day and wore spotty clothes! We each brought 50p in for Children in Need."

Haleema, 11, Leeds, England

"We had a spotty face paint and cupcake day!"

Maisie, 12, Angus, Scotland

"I was going to do a sponsored silence with my friend but my head of year said I wasn't allowed! But I donated loads of money."

Abbie, 11, Kent, England

"Our school did not do anything and the few people who did bring a headband or bangle got told off in front of everyone in assembly!"

Chris, 10, Yorkshire, England

"My head teacher shaved his massive beard! I sold cookies and made £80, woop woop!"

Gracie, 11, Somerset, England

"My school raised £190 by collecting small change."

Kira, 9, Norfolk, England

"At school we did a cake sale and our form raised around £75!"

Sophie, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"Me, my sister and my best friend sold cakes. We made over £130!!"

Amy, 11, Oxford, England

"We had a non-uniform day to raise money for Children in Need."

Ruby, 6, Oldham, England

"I did a raffle and treasure hunt and raised £36! My school also raised some and all together we raised £382!!"

Etienne, 9, Sussex, England

"I wore my PJs to school!"

Lilly, 7, Caerphilly, Wales

"I dressed up as a boy for the day and my friend dressed up as a girl. We raised £85! My Mum made 120 cakes and sold them for £48!!"

Abi, 10, Cumbria, England

"We did a tombola and sold stuff for Children in Need. We raised about £500!"

Ashley, 14, Newcastle, England

"I donated £2 at school and some more money during the programme!"

Joe, 12, Yorkshire, England

"We have made a coin trail on the lines of the badminton court."

Ellie, 8, Sheffield, England

"We did a cake sale and sponsored run and raised £175.27!"

Kelly, 11, UK

"Our teachers became children and one pupil from each class became the teacher! We donated some money and we raised £550.55!"

Sarah, 10, UK

"We did lots of Pudsey things in school."

Charlotte, 6, Gwynedd, Wales

"Bishopton Redmarshall C.E. Primary wore spots, baked and brought money in for Children in Need!"

Hannah-Lucy, 9, England

"My school was selling cakes and keyrings to raise money for Children in Need."

Faaiza, 11, Manchester, England

"We had a non-uniform day at school and some of our teachers dressed up."

Katie, 13, Yorkshire, England

"We went to school in our pyjamas and we had to pay £1.00 to wear them, it was really fun!"

Amber, 10, Hampshire, England

"My friend and I walked around with our arms tied together and me and some other friends did the Pudsey Physical challenge. It was so FUN!"

Alice, 13, Northamptonshire, England

"I made £30.76 by selling biscuits and cakes."

Abby, 13, Cambridgeshire, England

"My friend Kimberley and I did a sponsored silence in school. We raised roughly £50!"

Sophie, 13, Essex, England

"My friend had a sponsored silence and raised £29! At school we sold cakes and raised £75!

Jessica, 11, Staffordshire, England

"We all wore spots and Pudsey ears to raise plenty of money. Some outfits were better than others!"

Laura, 8, London, England

"I had a non-uniform day at school and we had to wear spots. I went door to door after school and raised £302.57!!!"

Ella, 11, Kent, England

"So far I have raised £68 and if Daddy pays his money I'll get near my target of £100. I did a sponsored hula hoop!!!"

Ellie, 9, Essex, England

"My class at school held a cake sale and raised over £110."

Abigail, 12, Gloucestershire, England

"I raised £84 in my school by staying silent."

Jubran, 10, London, England

"We had a disco in school, sold biscuits and made badges and sold them. We also took money to fill a Pudesy face (very big!)"

Jessica, 9, Manchester, England

"I made cakes at school and we gave one pound to not wear uniform!"

Megan, 7, Conwy, Wales

"I bought the Children in Need hat for £6.00 and I gave £1 at my school."

Emily, 14, Carmarthenshire, Wales

"I did a sponsored silence."

Courtney, 11, Preston, England

"We had a non-uniform day at school and had to pay a pound."

Aimee, 12, London, England

"We put money in Pudsey and had cakes."

Elspeth, 10, Yorkshire, England

"We had to wear a unusual hat and bring in a pound. We raised £170!"

Louise, 8, Cheshire, England

"We got to dress up in spots, have a mad hair day and wear Pudsey stuff."

Phoebe, 10, London, England

"I did a sponsored silence. It was really hard not to talk!"

Lauren, 10, Plymouth, England

"I made a cake for Children in Need. I made around £8!!"

Sofia, 11, Cambridgeshire, England

"Charlotte, Amber, Sophia, Bethan, Ben, Molly, Dylan and I did a sponsored run and dance for Children In Need! we raised £293.45!! We would like to say a big thank you to Tenby town for all your support!!"

Sarah-Lou, 13, Pembrokeshire, Wales

"In my school we all brought our fave teddies in."

Lucas, 8, Norfolk, England

"In our school we had to wear anything with spots on it and pay a donation, we raised £528.15!"

Lauryn, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Our school had a show your spots day and we put loose change in Pudsey Bear and paid a pound for wearing spots."

Rhiannon, 9, Stirling and Falkirk, Scotland

"We sold homemade Pudsey badges for 20p each."

Kitty, 9, Bedfordshire, England

"My school has had a cake sale and non- uniform day. We raised over £200 just for non- uniform. I don't know how much the cake sale raised but it was very very busy!"

Louise, 10, Lancashire, England

"My school has raised over £200 but my class have raised £50 separately!"

Robyn, 9, Wiltshire, England

"My school had a bake sale at school and we all dressed up in spots. I was in the committee."

Finn, 10, West Sussex, England

"I raised over £15 by getting as spotty as possible and a sponsored silence."

Emily, 11, London, England

"At school, Year 3 held a cake sale 10p per cake and one of our teachers had his legs waxed; he raised £256 for Children in Need."

Nicole, 8, Kent, England

"I dressed up in an outrageously spotty costume and had one of our famous bake sales. We also had to bring in all of our 1p and 2p coins to make a MASSIVE snake that started and the very start of the school and ended at the end of our playground. Last year we raised £800 and we're only a primary school!!

Sara, 10, West Sussex, England

"In my school we raised money and we got £198.89."

Kian, 9, Huddersfield, England

"We had a non-uniform day and have raised over £350."

Khalid, 11, Sheffield, England

"My school had a raffle."

Lauren, 10, West Yorkshire, England

"I baked some scones and biscuits with my friends and we sold them in our school's tuck shop. The biscuits were selling fast!"

Emily, 9, London, England

"I bought raffle tickets at school but I didn't win."

Angel, 13, Leeds, England

"I coloured a picture of Pudsey."

Abi, 6, West Midlands, England

"My school sold shortbread and Pudsey cupcakes."

Martha, 11, Kingston-Upon-Thames, England

"We had to wear yellow tops to school and my brother had to wear PJs to nursery."

Shannon, 5, Cornwall, England

"I made buns."

Caitlin, 8, Newcastle, England

"We made and sold buns and had a talent show!"

Molly, 10, York, England

"We wore spots to school on our uniform and raised money for Children in Need."

Bethany, 6, Somerset, England

"We had to wear spots to school."

Robyn, 10, Suffolk, England

"My school had a Show Your Spots, Let's Raise Lots day, and we raised around about £1,000."

Bryony, 11, Hamilton

"We are raising money by bringing £1 to wear pyjamas to school and we are having a cake sale."

Zainub, 10, Buckinghamshire, England

"We had a Children in Need week. We had sponge the teacher and lots of other stuff."

Rosie, 13, Mid Glamorgan, Wales

"Today, we raised £254 at our school by making spotty cakes, inventing spotty games and holding a spotty talent contest. There are only 69 pupils in my school, so thanks to everyone who helped."

Helen, 8, Scotland

"My school came in in PJs."

Arfa, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"We made £76 by having a cake sale at school."

Simon and Charli, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"At my school, we made some flapjacks and sold them. We raised £69!!

Mya, 8, Dorset, England

"My school have been helping Children in Need and we had to dress in spots all day! It was cool and really fun!"

Ashleigh, 11, LA

"We wore spotty clothes in our class today and all donated £1. Hope this helps to smash last year's record."

Netherbury, 8, London, England

"We covered a giant picture of Pudsey bear with coins and wearing spotty ears to school."

St Wilfrids School, 7 - 9, West Sussex, England

"I've donated at least £5."

Cleo, 12, Kent, England

"I am going to send some money when the show starts."

Faduma, 11, London, England

"We sold tickets and cake to help raise money."

Keegan and Sam, 14 and 13, Derbyshire, England

"I dressed up as SpongeBob SquarePants and I raised £1.50."

Carys, 13, Wales

"We held workshops to make bandannas and puppets, buy cakes and have our faces painted. We've raised £246!"

Carvel Primary School, 3 - 11, Norwich, England

"I have donated 90p."

Cai, 7, Wales

"We are baking cup cakes and selling them in school to raise money. We have made a total of £60."

Deriview Primary School, 7 - 11, Wales

"Stoke Park are having a non-school uniform day to raise money and will be doing loads of other small things to help raise more money for Children in Need."

Amy, 14, Coventry, England

"I'm wearing my Pudsey earrings and I'm selling a Pudsey USB in a raffle with my family."

Afrose, 10, London, England

"I'm wearing my Pudsey ribbon and so is my friend Ruby. I'm going to sell all my pens as well."

Ella, 10, London, England