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Last Updated: Thursday November 18 2010 15:15 GMT

Hayley joins the kids cracking crime with science!

Watch how kids have been using science to solve crime!

Kids at a school in north Yorkshire have been enjoying a rather different kind of science lesson - set on a (pretend) crime scene!

We sent Hayley to spend a day with the young crime fighters to find out more...

Hayley with the schoolkids learning about how science is used to solve crimes
Hayley with the young crime scene investigators!

"I was invited to a school in north Yorkshire that was doing lessons on how science can be used to solve crimes. But I was not expecting what I found…

When I walked into the school, I saw loads of kids dressed in white boiler suits and plastic gloves - and I saw a body lying on the canteen floor!!! DUN-DUN-DUNNNNN!!!

OK, so it wasn't a real body, but it certainly gave me a shock! The kids were told that a murder had taken place and they had to find enough evidence to work out who did it.

Schoolkid uses magnifying glass to look for clues to solve a (pretend!) murder as part of a science lesson
Looking for clues with a magnifying glass.

The science bit

So they got to work, using their scientific techniques…

Some kids had magnifying glasses which they used to look for small pieces of clothing or hair left by the murderer.

Another group of kids found a footprint in the field outside and poured some liquid plaster into the print to make a mould of it.

Schoolkids pour liquid plaster into the footprint to make a mould
Pouring liquid plaster into the footprint to make a mould.

And a third group of kids got some help from a sniffer dog called Hamish.

Hamish sniffed all around the school until he found a weapon. The kids and I were shocked when Hamish produced a gun from the bookshelf!

Checking evidence

At the end of the day, we knew the body had been shot, we knew the murderer must have brown hair and a red jacket, and size 6 feet...

The only person who fitted that description was... The deputy head teacher, MRS SHEPHERD!

Now of course Mrs Shepherd hadn't really murdered anyone, but the lesson was a great way to showed the kids how science can be used to solve crimes."