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Last Updated: Thursday November 18 2010 17:08 GMT

Astronaut takes incredible photos of Earth from space

A night time photograph made by an International Space Station Expedition 25

Check out these awesome pictures taken from space! This one was snapped by an astronaut who is on the International Space Station right now!

The nile lit up at night

The Nile is the longest river in the world. From space it looks like a massive snake!

Mystery Island off the coast of Madagascar

Is it a hat? Or is it an island? This beautiful snap was seen near Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

The Andes at sunrise

If we saw this view from our window every morning getting out of bed wouldn't be so difficult! The Andes mountain range in South America looks amazing at sunrise.

The florida keys as seen from space.

The Florida Keys looks sunny even from space! Can you spot the theme parks?!

Hurricane Danielle as seen from space

If you thought hurricanes looked amazing from earth look how great one looks from space! This pic shows hurricane Danielle building up earlier this year.

The largest window in space in the Cupola observatory

We reckon this guy has the best view ever. This is the control desk of the International Space Station, where you can control all the gear needed for space walks.

View of earth from Cupola

Here are the magical looking Southern Lights as seen from the space station. They're formed over the Antarctic and can only be seen for a short while in the winter.