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Last Updated: Thursday November 18 2010 17:09 GMT

Boy, 4, finds 2.5m gold locket with metal detector

Four-year-old James could be very rich after his find!

A gold locket found by a four-year-old boy in a field using a metal detector could be worth £2.5million!

James was with his dad in Essex, south-east England, when he came across the find in May last year - and now the locket's been confirmed as treasure.

It's thought the locket is around 500 years old and may have belonged to a member of the Royal Family.

If it's sold, the money made will be split between James's family and the owner of the land where it was found.

James with his dad Jason in their garden
Four-year-old James was with his dad when he found the gold locket.

Dad Jason said James was listening to the metal detector's headphones when he heard a buzz.

He said: "We dug down... and got a flash of gold."