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Last Updated: Wednesday November 17 2010 17:00 GMT

In pics: A night in the cells!

Vincent Chick (aged 12) and Ashley Gronow (aged 11) in their cell for the night.

Ever wondered what it's like to sleep in a jail? Hayley spent a night in a real police cell with a group of children in Wales to find out what really goes on behind bars.

Nathan Tyler (aged 12) during the booking in process

The boys got their mug shots taken, gave finger prints and had to wear some not very trendy prisoner outfits to make sure they got the full jail treatment.

Joe Powell (aged 12) being interviewed by Hayley

Joe, 12, really wasn't a fan of the food (custody special lasagne!) or the uncomfortable bed! Although he did like being interviewed by Hayley!

Callum Barford (aged 11) being interviewed by Hayley

Callum and the rest of the group were taking part in a scheme which is trying to stop kids from breaking the law in the future.

PCSO Mollie Jones with Newsround presenter Hayley Cutts, and Vincent Chick

Hayley has a chat with one of the police officers who helps to run the scheme. She told Hayley she hoped she won't be seeing any of the guys behind bars again soon!