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Last Updated: Wednesday November 17 2010 07:38 GMT

Prince William and Kate Middleton talk about engagement

Prince William and Kate Middleton talking about their engagement

Did Kate really have a poster of William on her wall?!

Prince William and Kate Middleton have given their first TV interview about their engagement and future wedding.

The prince said he'd been planning to get down on one knee for a while: "It just felt really right out in Africa. It was beautiful at the time."

He decided to give Kate his mum's old diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

William explained: "She's not going to be around to share any of the fun and excitement of it all - this was my way of keeping her close to it all."


The pair got engaged while they were on holiday in Kenya.

William revealed: "I had been carrying it around with me in my rucksack for about three weeks before that... Everywhere I went I was keeping hold of it."

But despite that, Kate said the proposal came out of the blue: "We were out with friends and things so I really didn't expect it all... It was a total shock when it came."


Kate, who was friends with William before getting together, recalled the time she first met William: "Well I actually think I went bright red when I met you and sort of scuttled off, feeling very shy about meeting you."

And what about the story going round that she had a poster of William on her wall?

Kate set the record straight: "He wishes. No, I had the Levi's [Jeans] guy on my wall, not a picture of William, sorry."

William joked: "It was me in Levi's obviously."

'Hugely excited'

The marriage will take place in spring or summer of 2011, but a date and venue hasn't been set yet.

As the interview came to a close, William described the couple as "hugely excited" about the wedding.

The prince said: "We are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together and seeing what the future holds."