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Last Updated: Wednesday November 17 2010 06:47 GMT

In pics: Baby twin jaguar cubs!

Baby jaguars having a play fight!

Check out these super cute twin baby jaguars! But can you spot the difference?

Spotty jaguar cub playing with mum.

One of the cubs is yellow fur and black spots, BUT the other has black fur and NO spots! It's quite rare for a cub to have no spots - which makes the new cub a special treat!

Baby jaguar missing his spots!

Zoo keepers think that the answer to the twins' odd fur is down to their parents, as they have a spotty dad and a not so spotty mum!

Twin baby jaguar cubs with their mum.

Jaguars are really good swimmers and like a dip to grab a tasty turtle. But this cub doesn't look like he's enjoying his wash from mum!

Spotty jaguar cub.

Jaguars are a nearly threatened species - that means the number of them in the wild is shrinking really quickly. These cubs are part of a programme trying to keep numbers up!