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Last Updated: Tuesday November 16 2010 08:19 GMT

Calls to help thousands of young carers

Young carer Victoria and her mum

There are calls to give more help to young carers, after a study found there may be loads more kids looking after a sick family member than first thought.

A BBC study has revealed there could be as many as 700,000 schoolchildren in the UK caring for someone - about four times as many as official figures say.

The four UK Children's Commissioners have called on the government to do more to support young carers.

The government has said it'll launch a plan later this year to help.

Things young carers do can include helping someone to get dressed, giving them their medication, or helping someone to wash.

Top tips for young carers

One of the thousands of young carers is 12-year-old Victoria. She helps look after her mum, who was left blind after a life-saving operation six years ago.

Victoria said: "It does push down on you sometimes and I'm not just talking about myself - it must push down on other people who are young carers as well."

She added: "I'm doing this because I love my mum."

More than 4,000 pupils in 10 secondary schools were questioned in the research.