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Last Updated: Friday November 12 2010 20:58 GMT

In pics: Kids' Takeover Day at Newsround!

Hashim and Allae arriving at the BBC

As part of Takeover Day, 11-year-olds Allae and Hashim got to come to the BBC Television Centre in London and help put together Newsround's TV and radio bulletins!

Hashim and Allae outside the Newsround office

The pair arrived at the Newsround office bright and early to start a busy day!

Hashim and Allae meet Sonali in the Newsround office

First, Allae and Hashim met the presenters, including Sonali!

Hashim, Allae and Sonali chose the stories to cover.

The three of them talked about the day's stories and chose which ones were going to make it into the bulletins.

Hashim and Allae being filmed for Newsround

Next it was time for some filming for the Newsround's 5pm programme.

Hashim and Allae in the studio recording a phone interview with Deadly 60 presenter Steve Backshall!

Then it was time for a phone interview with CBBC's Deadly 60 presenter Steve Backshall!

Hashim and Allae working in an edit suite where all the stories are put together

After that, they headed to the edit suites, where all the stories are put together.

Hashim and Allae taking a break in the BBC canteen

A hectic morning over, it was time for a break in the BBC canteen...

Hashim and Allae beside a Tardis

...and a quick tour of the BBC studios. How did that Tardis get there?

Hashim and Allae record Newsround Radio.

In the afternoon, Hashim and Allae presented the Newsround radio bulletin, which goes out on BBC7 and on the web every weekday. They said it was one of their fave jobs of the day!

Hashim and Allae put special TV make up on Ricky.

Ricky got a bit of help from Hashim and Allae putting on his make-up before going live.

Ricky and Sonali filming the live 'Takeover Day' show.

Then it was 5pm - time to go on air! Here's Ricky and Sonali presenting the programme from the Newsround studio.

Hashim and Allae giving a thumbs up in the gallery.

Allae and Hashim give the thumbs up from the Newsround gallery during the show!

Hashim and Allae on the Newsround sofa with Ricky and Sonali.

After a hard day's work, there was just time for our guest producers to pose for a snap on set with Ricky and Sonali!