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Last Updated: Friday November 12 2010 16:46 GMT

Deadly 60 man Steve Backshall gets bitten by a caiman

Deadly 60 presenter Steve Backshall filming in Argentina

Deadly 60 Steve gets big shock!

Deadly 60 presenter Steve Backshall got a nasty surprise when he was filming for the show.

He was looking for yellow anacondas in Argentina where the large snakes live in this part of South America.

But during his search, he stepped on a small crocodile-like animal called a caiman - and the snapper bit him right back.

Steve was left with a nasty cut on his leg but he was treated by medics and he's now recovered.

Steve Backshall and Leah

Steve Backshall's deadliest animals

He said: "This is the biggest thing I've ever been bitten by - well, apart from my sister's horse when I was a kid!"