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Last Updated: Friday November 05 2010 13:53 GMT

In pics: The cutest baby animals from around the world!

Menari the sumatran orangutan at Audubon Zoo in America.

Here are some of the cutest pics of baby animals from around the world. This orangutan is called Menari and looks a little confused!

Kit the sea otter from Monterey Bay Aquarium in America.

The snaps are from a book all about young creatures called ZooBorns! Kit the otter headed to the water for his photo.

Hoover the tawny Frogmouth from Sea World Orlando in America.

Stomping towards you is Hoover the tawny frogmouth, a type of bird found in Australia.

Clouded leopard cub - National Museum of Natural History in France.

This clouded leopard cub has spied the camera... and he's heading right for it!

Monifa the pygmy hippo from Taronga Zoo in Australia.

It's bath time for this tiny pygmy hippo called Monifa.

Bella the beluga whale from Shedd Aquarium in America.

Bella's a beluga whale, a type of whale from the Arctic ocean. They have a distinctive sound and that's why they're sometimes nicknamed 'sea canaries' after the chirpy birds.

Tai and Pip, red panda cubs from Edmonton Valley Zoo in Canada.

Tai and Pip are two red panda cub chums from Edmonton Valley Zoo in Canada.

Penguins from Sea World in San Diego in America.

These penguins pals in San Diego in America are looking cool for the cameras!

Baby gorilla

Wide-eyed Hasani is a western lowland gorilla living in San Francisco Zoo in America.

Baby tamandua

This tiny one on the weighing scales is a tamandua, a type of anteater, from Discovery Cove in Orlando, America.

Baby red kangaroo

Cuddled in a blanket is Rooby a red kangaroo at Assiniboine Park Zoo, Canada.

Koala bears on climbing a tree

Here are some more cute pics. Koala bears are native to Australia, but these two are hanging out together at Los Angeles Zoo in America.

Baby aardvark at Detroit Zoo in America

This baby aardvark is a native to Africa - and when it's older it will be a bit more hairy!

Asian small-clawed otter babies at Sea world Orlando in America.

Shhhh....snuggling together here are a group of asian small-clawed otters.

Elephant calf playing with a giant ball at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

It's not just about being cute for this asian elephant calf - it's time to play for little Beco!