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Last Updated: Thursday November 04 2010 06:14 GMT

Meet Paul II, the new predicting octopus!

Paul II the new predicting octopus

A new predicting octopus has been revealed by the aquarium in Germany where Paul used to live.

Paul shot to fame by correctly predicting the results of every Germany World Cup match and the final, but died in October.

The new octopus is also called Paul and is five-months-old. He hasn't tested out his predicting skills yet though.

The new Paul was meant to get training from the old Paul, but the old Paul died before he could pass on any tips.

Paul the predicting octopus

Octopus Paul's greatest moments

Paul predicted the match winners by grabbing food out of a box with the correct country's flag on it, leaving the other country's box alone.

A memorial to the famous sea creature is being built at the aquarium.